Solid Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring made by BEAUTY FLOORI

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BEAUTY FLOORING (BF) Solid Plastic Composite (SPC) FLOORING, also known as Rigid Vinyl Plank, is an upgrade and improvement of regular Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), the main raw materials of SPC flooring are derive from the natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer, the highlights for SPC flooring is NO PLASTICISER INCLDUED, that is to say, this newly upgrade of vinyl flooring is more eco friendly and more healthy compared to most flooring like laminate flooring into the market.

The structure of SPC flooring

SPC flooring is made by the extrusion line, each layer (wear layer, printed layer, SPC layer) is extruded and tightly fitted into a big semi-finished SPC flooring by a extrusion line, the following is the picture of structure of SPC flooring.

From this picture, the structure of SPC flooring is clear, SPC flooring include clear protective layer like UV urethane acrylic coating layer and wear layer, décor layer, SPC layer and optional layer, this specific structure is determined that SPC flooring is suitable for high abrasion areas and is also achieved a better acoustic result via this optional available. Moreover, BF SPC flooring also achieve some unique effects like ultra-scratch resist, purified airs for installed areas via our specific formula according to the efforts of our research and development teams. Besides, some extra size like 230mm x 1520mm and 230mm x 1830mm SPC Flooring also can be produced and exported for our factory.

The advantages of SPC flooring

Now, SPC flooring is more and more popular into the market due to some specific advantages SPC flooring, these advantages make SPC flooring attractive and impressive into the flooring market.
The following is briefly introduced the superiority of SPC flooring.
  1. Dimensionally stable will not expand or contract

Generally, the shrinking and curving for regular luxury vinyl tiles is 0.25% when tested temperature is at 80 ℃ (or 176℉) during 6 hours (Refer to ISO 23999 : 2008), although the shrinking and curving for BF vinyl flooring can be achieved less than 0.1%; whereas the one for SPC flooring is achieved less than 0.08% and even 0.06% at the same test conditions, however, the shrinking and curving for WPC is less than 0.40% at the test condition that is at 60 ℃(or 160℉), thus, the stable dimension is very good at expand or contract conditions.
  1. No acclimation required when installation.

There is no acclimation required when installation of SPC flooring. Generally, the installed vinyl flooring shall be put into the installed areas at least 48 hours before installation, whereas the installation of SPC flooring is different, NO NEED TO PLACE into the installed areas, the installed SPC flooring can be installed directly when the day someone choose to install, that is to say, the installation of SPC flooring is more simple.
  1. The noise can be reduced noise—SPC flooring belong to a quieter floor

Currently, Most SPC flooring in the market comes with padding attached already, the padding attached can be chosen EVA, IXPE and cork (all of these padding attached SPC flooring can be produced by BF factory), these attached padding can be completely eliminate the hollow sound issue, most importantly, end customers don’t spend the extra time to purchase the padding that long with it, thus, SPC flooring with padding attached is the mainstream into the market.
  1. SPC flooring is more Eco friendly and more healthy

The manufacturing of SPC flooring is not included PLASTICISER, as you known, the effect of plasticizer is made the vinyl flooring flexible, whereas some contents into plasticize like Bis (2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) are not good for the health.
Plasticize for producing vinyl flooring (LVT) is essential, the chosen plasticizer for BF vinyl flooring is DOTP that is also eco friendly and is satisfied the VOC’s requirement from FloorScore.
Whereas Plasticize is completely abandoned when producing SPC flooring, NO Plasticize means that no harmful materials from Plasticize, that is to say, SPC flooring is more healthy.
Except above advantages, SPC flooring is fire proof, water proof, free of formaldehyde and etc, thus, SPC flooring can be installed into the bathroom, kitchen and basement.

The disadvantages of SPC flooring

All flooring has advantages and disadvantages, SPC flooring also have drawback.
The disadvantage of SPC flooring is the Stereoscopy is not good compared to traditional vinyl flooring.
As you know, the embossing for traditional vinyl flooring is occurred into the hot pressing process via the embossing boards, whereas SPC flooring is produced via extrusion machine and the embossing is occurred via embossing rollers, as the extrusion machines is constantly operated, the time for embossing rollers to occurring embossing is very short, even though the embossing is very deep at the extrusion rollers, when the semi-finished SPC flooring are put into the common temperature, the embossing will be revived again and the eventual embossing is much lighter than the embossing at the excursion process. On the other hand, the embossing for traditional vinyl flooring is occurred via embossing board at around 60 minutes into hot pressing machines, the longer time for occurring embossing for traditional vinyl flooring is, the better effect for embossing is, thus, if someone want to choose the better embossing, traditional vinyl flooring is a good choice.
Sometimes, someone ask that if I want to a floor that has the advantages of SPC flooring and traditional vinyl flooring, how I can solve, this query is solved by BF factory, if someone want to know more about the way to solve this problem, pl click here.

The available size and thickness of SPC FLOORING produced by BEAUTY FLOORING

The following is available size for SPC FLOORING.
1220*153mm; 1220*178mm; 1220*230mm; 1524*153mm; 1524*178mm; 1524*230mm; 1830*153mm; 1830*178mm; 1830*230mm;
The above is some of the available size for SPC flooring, BF also can make other available size of SPC flooring, as the available size is too many not to display all of the available size, if some importers or distributors want to know more, pls send email or call us, thanks.
The available thickness of SPC flooring is from 3.5mm,to 7.0mm, if other thickness is required, pls send email to us also, thanks.

The available thickness of padding attached, the padding attached have EVA, IXPE and CORK, the minimum thickness of padding attached is 1mm, the available thickness of padding is from 1mm to 3mm, if some importer or distributor require other available size, pls send email to me, as for the color of padding attached, many color can be chosen, not black or white color only.

The available designs for SPC flooring produced by BEAUTY FLOORING

Currently, all of the available designs for traditional vinyl flooring is also adaptable for SPC flooring. Besides, as for the designs for SPC flooring, BF also open and develop some colors, if any viewers have interesting, welcome to send email to us.

Moreover, recently, BF also open some colors of SPC flooring only, if you are interested in more, pls click here to know more.