Loose lay vinyl flooring manufacturer from China

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Loose Lay LVT is not new in a large variety of LVT.

However, it is a very difficult product to make and very few manufacturers can truly make a good one.

Initially, loose lay LVT is a soft and flexible, many manufacturers don’t know how to control the shrinking and curving in the production process.

Secondly, loose lay LVT shall choose the special anti-slip layer to acquire the better anti-slip effect after installation, whereas fewer anti-slip layer is good and shall be tested according to the real installation and then get the conclusion.

Thus, fewer manufacturers dare to promise that their loose Lay vinyl flooring is a really good one.

Whereas, BEAUTY FLOORING state that the quality of their loose lay vinyl flooring is no problem and can be truly trusted, we have our own specific system to make sure that our loose lay vinyl flooring is the one any importer fully trust. If you want to select colors of LOOSE LAY vinyl flooring, pls click here to know more.

Firstly, regarding how to control the shrinkage and curving for the loose lay, BEAUTY FLOORING have already explored a formula according to our test to lay down loose lay vinyl flooring with different formula over 12 month, this chosen formula can be assured that the shrinking and curving is achieved the technical standards and also is kept the finished products flexible and soft, as BEAUTY FLOORING clearly know to find the best place for putting glass fiber layer (for loose lay and clic only) to minimizes the expansion and contraction of the product under extreme temperatures.

Secondly, BEAUTY FLOORING explore a best anti-slip back layer to make sure the effect of anti-slip is the great, as our factory left a areas to test different anti-slip back layer loose lay vinyl flooring and then choose the most suitable anti-slip back layer according to the real performance of anti-slip effect from different anti slip back layer.

Advantages of Loose Lay


The improvement of efficiency for installation  

The biggest advantages of Loose lay is the unique backing system make installation fast and easy, the installation is Just lift one up and put one down. The expertise state that a time-saving up to 50% can be improved by this quick laying system. if anyone want to remove one of the installing piece, it can be operated easily.

The saving costs for installation

The installation areas is bigger during the same amount of the time, as Loose Lay vinyl flooring is a growing acceptance of this product by end customers, contractors and installers, because the benefits is very clear that easy repair and replacement is the benefits any end users who are seeing. Just lift one up and put one down.
Loose lay vinyl flooring is not suitable any environment, for example, if the subfloor is uneven, it is not suitable for installing the Loose lay vinyl flooring, as Nobody want to deal with patching and fixing it after installation. Into these areas, BEAUTY FLOORING recommends to choose SPC flooring or a rigid core products, pl click here to know more these products.
BEAUTY FLOORING is a creditable Loose lay vinyl flooring manufacturer, Loose lay is to satisfy the requirement from high end market, generally, the thickness wear layer for loose lay vinyl flooring is at least 0.50mm (20mil) and more, the available size is 18 x 18”, 9 x 48”, 7.25 x 48” and other specific size. If someone interest to know more, pls contact with us, we will rely to you as soon as possible.