The strengths of BEAUTY FLOORING

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The strengths of BEAUTY FLOORING

  • Fully experienced to know about how to manage a company to achieve the requirement from each client, like that we can upholding deadlines and conduct quality control.
  • The cooperated agent to shorten freight and logistics and help you to get the products there as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  • We strongly believe in high quality material, and refuse to forgo quality at the sake of cost.
  • Establishment of archives for all purchased raw materials like polyvinyl chloride to be assured that the quality of raw materials is kept the same.
  • Diligent sales teams to progress your individual requirement and reply you at the shortest time
  • Cooperated with top printed layer companies from TAIWAN to provide you the most suitable colours according to your living areas, at the same time, our designing team open and develop some unique colours to satisfy the needs of individuals.
  • The produced standards are all implemented according to European standard (click here to know more) like curling & dimensional stability (refer to ISO 23999:2008) and peel resistance (EN ISO 24345-2012; Testing speed: 100mm/min)

If you are interested to know more, pl click the following picture to watch a video, i fully trust you that you will clearly know more about BEAUTY FLOORING